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 The Gran Sasso Center for Astroparticle Physics (CFA) promotes research in the fields of Neutrino Physics, Dark Matter, High Energy Astrophysics and Gravitational Waves. Assisting young researchers and scientists in this activity the CFA supports the publication of scientific papers as well as participation to conferences and meetings.   

Approved Research Projects

  1. A. Gazizov, NTNU Trhondeim (Norway) and Belarus Academy of Sciences
    "Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray propagation in Astrophysical Backgrounds"
  2. I. Barabanov, L. Bezrukov, E. Yanovich, INRAS Moscow (Russia)
    O. Smirnov, Dubna (Russia)
    N. Danilov, IPC-Ras Moscow (Russia)
    "R&D on neutrinoless double beta with Nd loaded scintillators"
  3. F. Danevich, V. Tretyak, V. Kobychev, D. Chernyak, R. Podviyanuk, S. Nagorny INR, Ukraine National Academy of Science, Kyiv (Ukraine)
    "High sensitivity measurement to search for 0ν2β decay of 116Cd with the help of cadmium tungstate crystal scintillators enriched in 116Cd in the DAMA/R&D set-up"
  4. S. Tufanli, METU-Middle East Technical University, Ankara (Turkey)
    "Electron neutrino studies with changeable sheet analysis in the OPERA experiment"

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